PTO Secretary Needed
Thu, Nov 21 12:17pm

Unfortunately, our current PTO secretary is moving out of MN and will no longer be able to serve as secretary for the PTO this year.  Good luck, Amber!  You will be missed!!

We are now in need of a replacement PTO secretary.  Would you be interested?  Any Woodcrest parent can request to join the PTO board as secretary.  We will be taking nominations and hope to vote on a replacement at our next general meeting on Monday December 9th. 

Following is a general description of the duties of the PTO secretary:

  • Shall make available copies of meeting minutes, budget and agenda for review and approval at each general meeting of the PTO and electronically one week in advance of meeting 
  • Present past meeting minutes for approval during general meetings 
  • Shall be responsible, in coordination with the President, for maintaining a record keeping system for the safekeeping of the minutes and other PTO forms and documents - Google Docs/Binder
  • Shall be in communication with school for maintaining appropriate language translation of minutes
  • Shall be responsible for communication between Executive Board members, as requested by the President or other Executive Board members. These duties include, but are not limited to, creation of flyers or newsletters with Social Media/Communications officer as necessary and weekly PTO contributions to the Principal's newsletters 
  • Record and distribute minutes of Executive Board meetings, meetings with Principal, and general meetings 
  • Shall communicate previous meeting minutes (once approved at meeting) to School District for website

If you would like more information about this position or have any questions, please reach out to us at or directly to any current board member: Andrea Hansen, Kelsey Farmer, Molly Papillon, Rita Vink or Kelly Veit. 

We'd love to have someone new join our team!  It's a great way to get more involved with the school and all the great things that are happening at Woodcrest.