PTO Student Experience Grant Success!!
Tue, Nov 16 10:53am


Each year the PTO awards staff or staff/student grant applicants with items for the school. This year, nine grants were awarded, including document cameras, special movement props for the music classroom, wooden alphabet tracing, special art projects, books for students to use with our english specialists, a light table, lap trays for learning on the move, and picnic tables for outside learning/recess time that will be built by our local Cub Scouts.
These programs would not be possible without all of your donations during the fun run!  Thank you for helping to make these programs possible!
And an extra special thank you to Nikki Aune for jumping in to chair her first PTO committee and to all of the Grant Committee volunteers for helping make this program run smoothly!  Thank you!!
Some of the recipients are shown in the photo below along with our PTO Grant Committee Chair and her daughter.

May be an image of 9 people and people standing