Pledge Star Instructions
Sat, Sep 22 8:22am
Woodcrest Spanish Immersion

We have a little less than a week left to raise money for our 2018-19 Fun Run Fundraiser!  This year we have added Pledge Star to make it more convenient for family members who don't live in the area to participate.  Attached you will find a link to a PDF explaining how you can set up your child's Pledge Star page if you are interested in doing so.  Your child should have also received an envelope in their backpack earlier this week for standard cash/check donations.  

This is our main fundraiser of the year which raises money for most of the PTO programs/events that happen through out the year: family fun nights; indoor recess bins; book fairs; butterfly/rain garden; student experience grants; mileage club and more!

Any questions, please let us know at