Spending Ideas for Special Budget Meeting Monday 5/22 7:30-8pm
Sun, May 21 11:14pm

Reminder of our special  meeting on zoom at 7:30 on May 22 to vote on how to spend down some remaining funds.  After voting on which ideas are most popular on Monday, the PTO board will then work to fulfill as many of the top items as possible with the remaining money .  Link for zoom is   https://zoom.us/j/76799886422


Meeting ID: 767 9988 6422

Passcode: PTO2021


Suggested ideas in random order:


-Serving options for staff appreciation/cookies with principal/any event with food. $250
Options include: Large - food and beverages
Medium - yogurt and fruit or smaller options:
Small - coffee cream station and yogurts
drink dispenser
-Inflatable costumes to use at events $250 - some options below
Riding a Dinosaur:
Riding a Flamingo:
Giant Panda:
Baby Shark:
-Playground equipment
-Outdoor Gaga Ball Pit with fake grass?
- 1-2 canopy (shade/attention grabber) for events $150 -$400
- donation to summer reading initiative  $500
- donation to summer reading initiative  $1000
- donation to summer reading initiative  $1500
- 3-4 more outdoor picnic tables $1500-2000
- fulfill more  teacher grants from fall - more details coming
- stencils for games to be painted in parking lot  $1500
-bilingual signs for prairie garden   $400
describing why old growth stays up over winter
describing importance of prairie