Spirit Week Thursday: Mis-matched clothes day!
Sun, Oct 2 1:29pm

Thursday is MiS-mAtChEd ClOtHeS dAy at Woodcrest!  

Wear some tops and bottoms that do not usually go together.


**2 days left until the fun run.  Remember to return collected cash and checks in an envelope to school on Friday.  We rely on these donations to run all of our fun PTO events for the school year (family nights, book fairs, student experience grants, recess bins, staff appreciation events, etc).

If you haven't already set up your online donation page, click this link to get started: https://app.99pledges.com/fund/wildaboutwoodcrest?fbclid=IwAR0jlOXgtfCDogf4LKLkgFy-P81cRycijSU3QFsZv77rBQa_6ToBq245olY