Supplies needed for Kindergarten projects please
Mon, Dec 3 11:14am
Woodcrest Spanish Immersion

Our kindergarten team is planning some projects for December and early January and they are in need of some extra supplies for the kids.  If anyone has any extra shoe boxes (for their big diorama project), they could use those right away as those projects are due December 14th.  Many kids are having a hard time coming up with extra shoe boxes.  

Also, the first week of January they will be doing a project where they will need small plastic containers such as those you would get with whipped cream tubs, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.  (Cleaned out of  course).  They could also use extra Styrofoam.  

If you have any of these supplies on hand and could help them out, it would be greatly appreciated!  Please bring any supplies to Kayla Burich's classroom (room 109) or bring them to the office and let Yesica or Deya know what they are for.

Thank you!

Please let us know if you have any questions.