Volunteers Needed Tuesday June 6 for Track and Field Day
Tue, Jun 6 9:20am-3:30pm
Woodcrest Spanish Immersion
1 day before

It's time for our second annual Track & Field Day!


Same as last year, we need all hands on deck so students can have adults guiding them at each station.    Like many schools, there are no spectators due to limited space with event set-up, but volunteers are in on the action!  And there are definitely enough spots to fill for everyone who is interested. Last year we had 60+ volunteers!


Four classes come out at once for about an hour.  Each class will be split in half and will rotate through all stations with their group, before  a short time for freezies at the end.    You should be able to see you student participate in a few nearby activities as you help, but since activities are spread out, no one will get to see all of them.


Sign up for when you would like to help, and an assignment list will be emailed a day or two before the event.  We fill the stations that need the most help first.  Please arrive a few minutes early and check in at the main office with your ID.  As always, no one will be allowed out back without school ID sticker for student safety.  


The list of event descriptions is attached, and classroom times are listed in sign-up below.  Any questions, let us know!


Thanks in advance for your help!


Track & Field Volunteer (Magnuson, Adkins, Casey, Tomsen) Signed Up: 8 / 20

Tue, Jun 6 9:20am-10:30am
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2nd Grade Track & Field Volunteer (Berriel, Ortiz, Schulz, Jones) Signed Up: 9 / 20

Tue, Jun 6 10:20am-11:30am
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3rd Grade Track & Field Volunteer (Fasanaro, Rodrigues, Tocora, Hughes) Signed Up: 11 / 20

Tue, Jun 6 11:20am-12:30pm
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Track & Field Volunteer (Aranda, Meinholz, Mraz) Signed Up: 5 / 20

Tue, Jun 6 12:20pm-1:30pm
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Track & Field Volunteer Soto-Vargas, Korbel, Martin, Proulx) Signed Up: 5 / 20

Tue, Jun 6 1:20pm-2:30pm
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4th Grade Track & Field Volunteer (Blasena, Ramirez, Chaves, Moreno Signed Up: 9 / 20

Tue, Jun 6 2:20pm-3:30pm
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