Volunteers Needed for help with 1st grade Prairie Garden Activities THIS THURSDAY
Tue, Mar 8 9:58pm

Hello!  PTO's annual Prairie Garden Relay has started, but we need help to get at least one volunteer per class for the 1st graders THIS Thursday, March 10th.  We need helpers to come read a provided garden book to class or help with a garden project as small groups rotate through activities.  Sign up at  https://www.konstella.com/app/group/5987aa37e4b06daf466587c3/signups/6220eed0091a1ea101afc969 



Prairie Garden Relay Info:


Kindergarten students learn about our types of prairie flowers and get the seeds out of flowers from our outdoor garden/classroom - inside
They give seeds to 1st grade students, who make their own starter soil and plant these seeds - inside
2nd grade students take the seedlings from 1st grade and plant them in individual pots for further growth and complete a Flower design Project - inside
3rd grade students get the plants from 2nd grade, and plant them somewhere outdoors - our garden, or in conjunction with a field trip to another garden
In the past, 4th grade students have done a plant population study, a salt study or helped get the garden ready for spring.  We cut down and compost the garden from last year after there has been a week of 50 degree weather.  This allows for the first insects that come out to have a home.  Also many prairie seeds need to go through the freeze/thaw cycles of winter to be ready to grow a plant in the spring.    When we cut down the garden, we leave about 8 inches of old growth, and also put new wood-chips on the pathways and signs and ropes up to make sure no one walks on the baby plants.