Volunteers needed Wednesday for 2nd grade prairie garden fun
Sun, May 14 2:51pm
2nd  grade will be doing their 40 minute session Wednesday, May 17.  If you are able to help, please sign up!   Arrive to the office a few minutes early to check in and then come to PINA room for instructions.  See times and sign up here!
The Prairie Garden relay is an annual all school event.  Throughout their five years at WCSI, students participate in each stage of maintaining our garden outside the front door.  During each session a book is presented.  Also: 
    Kindergarten students gather seeds out of prairie flowers and give them to 1st grade.
    1st grade learns about soil and plants the seeds.  Seeds are set up under lights by the library hallway where students can view progress.
    2nd grade students take seedlings and plant them in individual pots with more space to grow.  They also do a flower design project.
    3rd grade students plant flowers in our garden or another destination.
    4th grade students prepare the garden for spring in May.  Just like no mow May, we leave the garden undisturbed until a week of 50 degree weather for critters to come out.  Students clean up old flowers, put up ropes to protect new flowers, and put down new woodchips to show where the walking path through the garden is.