Fri, Mar 16 2:49pm
Woodland Heights Elementary

Hello WHES families!

Thank you so much for your support of our Fun Run as we try to hit our goal of $40,000 for STEAM programs for all of our students! We are doing so well already!!

You might have already noticed a change in the collection process where pledges that are put on are paid via credit card instead of paying by cash/check. We made this decision to make the collection process easier for everyone involved- teachers, sponsors, and most importantly, the parents! If you have a sponsor who would like to pay by cash/check, they can easily send the cash/check to the school, and the Boosterthon team will enter it as a pledge for your student.

Lastly, if you would rather revert back to the old system of logging pledges and paying by cash/check later, we can make that happen! If you click the “Help Desk” on, under “Issue Type”, it gives you the option to revert to the old system. If this would be easier for you and your sponsors, please feel free to turn this feature on!

Thanks so much, parents! You all are the best!