Box Tops Collection Ends 3/1
Tue, Feb 20 10:50pm
de Portola Elementary

Great job Patriots! In 3 weeks we have almost raised $200. We have 8 days left until March 1st. Keep bringing in those Box Tops. Remember the student who brings in the most Box Tops will win a $50 Apple gift card. Not only will you get the gift card, but you will also receive a Sno2Go voucher for every 50 Box Tops you turn in. Additionally, a $25 Apple gift card will go to 2 Runner-ups.

If you haven't downloaded the Box Tops app, make sure you do! It is a great app! You have a chance to earn Bonus Box Tops.

Alright, Patriots, we have 8 days until the cutoff for our first campaign. Let's get as many Box Tops as we can. Make sure to put your name and teacher on the collection sheet or Ziploc bags. We want to make sure you get credit.