Family Camp Out Deadline is this Tuesday, 5/1
Sun, Apr 29 12:50pm
de Portola Elementary

The Family Camp Out committee is finalizing plans for our camp out this week and we need you to register and place your orders for dinner by Tuesday, May 1st.   The food order is being placed on 5/1 and there will be extremely limited amounts available for purchase the day of.  You don't want go through the effort of getting all set up, only to realize when it's time to relax that you have NO FOOD for dinner!   Be sure to follow this link to get registered for the camp out, order your dinners, sign up to volunteer in easy 30 minute time slots and, if your student is in the talent show, sign them up for an encore performance!  The Family Camp Out is a fun tradition that was brought back after being gone for many do NOT want to miss out!