Greetings from PTA President
Wed, Aug 23 10:51am
de Portola Elementary

Greetings de Portola Families and welcome to the 2017-18 school year!


My name is Darren Kelly and I am the incoming President of the de Portola PTA. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the amazing group of parent and teacher volunteers who work to ensure that every student reaches their full potential. Our PTA implements enrichment programs which expose our children to art, gardening, technology, and broadcasting…as well as programs such as the Book Fair or Jog-a-thon which help secure funding for items ranging from copy paper to playground equipment to computers.


In addition to existing programs and events, we have three primary goals for this school year:

  • Community – In order to foster a strong sense of community, we are looking to continue to find ways to increase family involvement and shorten the time it takes to settle in at de Portola. Our first step is the implementation of the Buddy Family mentoring program for all new de Portola families.
  • Communication – We are in the process of implementing Konstella, a web-based platform for classroom and school-wide PTA communications. Functionality includes streamlined announcements, file sharing, iPhone and Android mobile app, committee management, social groups, and auto-sync to personal calendars. Stay tuned for more info on registration.
  • STEM – This year we will look to expand student exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) by executing on a number of programs in the classroom, after-school and at home. These efforts include the recent $19,000 purchase of Chromebooks, support of Dr. Gomez’s efforts to bring after-school STEM-related programs to de Portola this Fall, increase awareness of Khan Academy, the rollout of natural science and computer coding clubs and increased exposure to robotics and drones.


In support of these goals, here is what I ask of each of you:


  1. Fill out the Membership form and if possible please sign up for one of our Patriot Club options. Our goal this year is 100% participation with either a Basic or Patriot Club membership.
  2. If you or your spouse works for a corporation, please reach out to the HR department and ask if they have a 501(c)(3) Matching Funds program…whereby corporations match your donations to non-profit entities like de Portola. If they do, please note our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 95-3527002. By matching your Patriot Club membership with corporate funds, we can bring in a significant amount of additional revenue.
  3. Please consider joining us in the planning and execution of our goals. Regardless of whether you are able to attend meetings or be on campus during school hours, we need your help. Parental help comes in different forms, typically its been in the form of parents whose schedules allow them to be on campus to execute programs or those who attend PTA meetings as a board member or serve as a voice of reason. We have many committees available to join with various time commitments, from monthly to only a few days a year.


This year I would also like to identify parents with professional skills who can help advise the board on an as-needed basis…please let me know if you have experience in grant writing, project management, event planning, computer programming, police work, landscaping, graphic design to name a few. Additionally, if you feel you have relevant experience or an interest in an area that aligns with our goals such as robotics, drones or 3D printing, please let me know. The more parental support we get, the quantity and quality of our programs will increase.


Please email me any questions and I look forward to seeing you at the first PTA meeting of the year on Tuesday Sept 19th at 7:00 in the MPR.




Darren Kelly

de Portola PTA President