Mega Party for Bubble Run - Wednesday 12/20 from 1:10-2:40
Sun, Dec 17 10:19pm
de Portola Elementary

The PTA would like to sincerely thank you for your support of the Bubble Run.   All students who earned at least 1 point ($25) for the Bubble Run are invited to the mega party this Wednesday 12/20 immediately after school from 1:10-2:40.  These students should have already received a red mega party ticket.  If they still have their ticket, please have them bring it to the party to gain admittance.  If they no longer have their ticket, please do not worry because we can check their name off of our list.


Additionally, the PTA has decided to admit all Patriot Club members to the party even if they did not earn a point for the Bubble Run.  We recognize that some families became Patriot Club members because they did not want to fundraise or buy anything else during the year.  We appreciate any contributions made to the school, whether it was through Membership or the Bubble Run.  We will have the Patriot Club members listed on our admittance sheet; a red ticket is not necessary. 


There will be several inflatable obstacles courses and lots of games and prizes at the mega party.  We hope your children are able to join in the festivities!  Parents are welcome, but do not need to attend.