Night time and weekend helpers

If you can only help after school hours, or on your computer at home at your own discretion, AND would like to be informed on needs that come up, you can sign up here.  We will let you know if we have an event that you can possibly find time for.  Examples would include helping out REFLECTIONS, where you can see how kids are expressing themselves, YEARBOOK, BIRTHDAY BOOK CLUB, or more where organizing or computer work can help enrich your child’s life. 

We are also trying to start up a SCHOOL BEAUTIFICATION program to enhance our campus. We hope to plan one weekend per month to work on the campus together, to give our kids a cleaner and more beautiful school. Discussions are in the works to decide how to get it started. If you have any ideas, we would love them. 

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You would be on a list to be notified if we are trying to organize something. If you have any availability, then you help in a way that you feel comfortable with. If life is too busy, you say no thank you. If there is a specific way that you know that you would be willing to help, please include it in the notes when you sign up.
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