Yearbook Creation

Through tradition, we have created an annual yearbook to keep the memories of de Portola alive.  The sixth graders especially enjoy it, as they will soon depart to their new world of middle school.  And all of the kids love seeing their own smiling faces and along with friends in the yearbook each year, one that their friends can sign and then collect dust for eons to come.  Please help us collect fun pictures so your child can be included in the shots.  

Positions (2/4 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Communications Signed Up: 1 / 1

Communicate with room moms, etc. once a month to help get pictures in early so the yearbook committee can start working on the yearbook pages earlier rather than later. Our goal is the get every single child in the yearbook, several times!

Photographer for your class Signed Up: 3 / 36

Try to take pictures of your classroom activities, as well as school acivities in general. Of course it means yoour child will be well represented in the yearbook, but also try to get every child in the classroom represented as well. After taking the pictures, you will need to upload the pictures to the yearbook site(instructions and help willl be given). The final step for any pictures uploaded is to move the pictures from the general inbox folder to the specific activity folder. The coordinator will be setting it all up for you, and if you need any additional help it will be right there for you.
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Drag pictures into preset pages for your classroom yearbook page Signed Up: 2 / 36

Be a part of creating great looking yearbook pages for your kids classroom page. Drag pictures into the slots given, write in the names under each kids picture, and check to make sure that every child can see their smiling face. If you don’t like the page set up, just ask the corrdinator and they can alter it to what would work better. The coordinator is also there to give any assistance needed throughout the process.
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