Documents to Share with Your Team

Konstella Admins: Admin Guide, Checklist, and Archive Guide
Board, Committee Chairs, and Room Parents: One-Page Cheat Sheet and Learn-More page
Room Parents and Teachers: One-Page Cheat Sheet and Guide for RPs and Teachers

Konstella Training - by Founder Eric Xu

Fundraising With Konstella
Konstella Sales & Donations features not only help you to raise more, but also save lots of time for organizers and treasurers. The video also shares best practices to increase donation participation.
Recommended Audience: Fundraising Chairs

Sign-Up Sheet
This video walks you through all the features of sign-up creation, delivery, and management.
Recommended Audience: Event Organizers

Manage Calendar, Feed, and Notifications
This video talks about how to control Calendar items, Feed items, and when to send Notifications. It shares several best practices with event organizers.
Recommended Audience: Admins, Room Leads, Committee Leads, and All Organizers

Onboard Parents
This video shares the 6 different ways and several best practices to onboard parents.
Recommended Audience: Admins and Room Leads

Why create committees? What can committee members do? Who can manage committees?
Recommended Audience: Konstella Admins, Parent Board VPs, and Committee Chairs.

Admin Console
A walkthrough of the Admin Console pages.
Recommended Audience: Admins

Teachers and Room Leads
Create Events and Sign-Ups. Change room settings and manage users.
Recommended Audience: Teachers & Room Leads