(Reminder) SHA Scholastic Book Fair Fundraiser: Dogwood, Maple, and Magnolia Day!
Tue, Apr 25 11:36pm

Good morning Breakthrough families!


The students are having so much fun with the SHA Scholastic Book Fair, and we are so grateful for your contributions.


We've raised $2,213 and are more than half way to our goal of $4,000!  Today we welcome students from Dogwood, Maple, and Magnolia.


If you are able, please contribute to the SHA Student Book Fair Fund so we can make sure that EVERY Breakthrough student goes home with a book.

Book Fair Schedule:
TODAY, Wednesday: Dogwood, Maple, Magnolia
Thursday: Chestnut, Ginkgo, Cherry Blossom
Friday: Capuli, Baobab
Saturday: EVERYONE! Family Book Fair! 10AM-3PM
Thank you so much!