A good new home for your gently loved (or new!) children's comfort items
Thu, May 5 12:27pm

Hi friends,


I'm not sure if you've been following the news that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is bussing migrants and asylum seekers to DC in protest of President Biden's immigration policy.  Mutual aid groups and community organizers have been providing for our new neighbors for a month now -- more than twenty busses and more than three hundred individuals, including children, infants, and pregnant/postpartum women. Arrivees are often carrying little more than the clothes that they are wearing, sometimes not even shoes.

There is a specific need for baby's and children's items. Perhaps as you're doing spring cleaning, you'll come across something that would comfort children, or occupy their attention while their parents begin figuring out their next steps. We would love to help your dignity-quality items find a new home.


I've pasted a graphic with a list of needs below, and attached it for ease of access.  Here are a couple other ways to help:

Please share this message through your neighborhood parent groups, faith communities, etc. We anticipate this bussing-and-dropping protocol to continue through the mid-terms.


Thanks so much,

--Sarah (and Orly, Emily, Hannah, and Nana Raskin)

Supplies team