Book Fair Wrap Up
Wed, Apr 27 3:23am

 Dear Breakthrough families,


Our Spring Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success!  


We loved seeing you at the fair for Family Day this past Saturday.  In addition to seeing the faces and families of our students, it was great to see what books got them excited and to hear about how much our children have enjoyed the books they chose from the fair. It was such a special honor to be part of the selection and purchasing process, seeing interests piqued by all different subjects.  


In addition to giving the students the opportunity to bring books home, the SHA community also asked classroom guides to create wish lists of books for their individual classrooms.  Several families purchased those books for their classrooms on Family Day, and SHA is purchasing the rest of the books to fulfill classroom wish lists.  


The Book Fair served as a fundraiser for the SHA, too!  We raised enough money to receive a profit, and the online fair is running until Sunday, May 1st.  The SHA Executive Committee is working through the details of how to best receive our profit with Scholastic (either in Scholastic credit for a higher return or in cash, which would be a lower return).  We will let you know when we have our final amount determined. 


If you are interested in knowing what books were delivered to your child's classroom (or will be coming soon), check out the wish lists and pictures below.  




Cherry Blossom









Tulip Poplar



The SHA loves reading, we love our school, and we love our families!


SHA Executive Committee


SHA Events Committee