Breakthrough community, the Distance Learning Committee needs your help!
Mon, Apr 5 10:00pm
Breakthrough community, the Distance Learning Committee needs your help! 
We asked the guides how our community can help improve virtual learning.  The guides said materials in virtual students’ hands during instruction time would make a meaningful impact on the virtual learning.  As the parents and guardians of Breakthrough, we can support our school by getting those materials to our virtual learners in Q4 backpacks!  This is also a nice way to show some extra love to the virtual learners who may be struggling with staying home while friends go back in-person.
We need volunteers over the next two weeks to help make Q4 backpacks for virtual learners.  Ms. Hannah and the guides are telling us what they want in the backpacks.  To start, we need 6 volunteers to:
• make teen number beads
• make sandpaper numbers 
• collect eclectic and fun stationary (paper and envelopes) and pretty stamps
• cut and fold printed books
If you don’t feel crafty or don’t have time right now but still want to help, email us!  We need ziplock bags, backpacks, and people who can assemble backpacks. Our Amazon list has our current needs - this will change as we hear back more from Breakthrough virtual guides. 
This is a unique opportunity where our community can come together to support our students and the school, making an easier transition for all of our children next academic year.
Get in touch with us!  We’ll keep asking for more help as we know the need!
P.S. We heard your comments for more social spaces and better online educational activities for students.  Some ideas are being worked out, and we’ll share when we have options ready to use.  The Q4 backpacks are a higher priority right now since the new quarter starts on April 19.