Connecting with Class and Cohort Members
Wed, Jul 29 6:24pm

Good evening!


Emily Hedin just sent out an email message detailing the class and cohort your child(ren) have been assigned.  Some families have expressed interest in socializing (virtually or in person) with other children in their cohort or using these cohort groups to plan activities such as virtual reading groups or arts and crafts activities.  Please note that Breakthrough admin cannot advocate for families to meet up in person, but based on your family's risk profile, you may elect to coordinate lower-risk outdoor activities with another family or families in your cohort.   These cohorts are diverse by design and are not guaranteed to align with Group A and Group B for the hybrid schedule once students are able to re-enter the building.


To connect with other members of your cohort, please sign up under "Social Groups" on Konstella.  The more families who can sign up, the better! 


If you know of a family who is not on Konstella, please ask them to sign up or let a member of the SHA Exec Board (Emily Raskin, President; Nedra Iman-Brantley, Vice President; Kendra Harpster, Secretary; Josh Miller, Treasurer; Lindsey Vance, Director of DEI; Victoria Dunn, Director of Communications) know how to get in touch with them. Please feel free to message Victoria Dunn or Emily Raskin for assistance if you are having difficulty finding the Social Groups tab.  


As always, please let us, the SHA Exec Board, know how to best support you and your family!



Breakthrough SHA Executive Board