December 2021 SHA Newsletter
Fri, Dec 24 12:56am

Dear Breakthrough SHA community, 


As we shift our attentions from busy work and school schedules to time spent with our children and other dear family members, we may find ourselves with a little extra time to read a book, call a family member, or indulge in a sweet treat. It’s also a time to think about the first half of the school year and marvel at how much we and our children actually accomplished in four short months of in-person learning. Please enjoy the December SHA newsletter to see just how successfully we’ve come together as a community. 


We also invite you to play a leisurely game of Winter Break Bingo for a free entry into a drawing to win a prize.  To enter, send a picture of your child and the played Bingo card to by January 7th.  Additional drawing entries are available by donation to the SHA through our new online store:  Donations made by January 7 will be counted as additional drawing entries.


We’re excited to see all of your (still-masked) faces in January.  Stay healthy! 


Your SHA Executive Committee 


Kendra Harpster, President

Amanda Lutz, Vice President

Keisha Igbazua, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Colesha Johnson, Director of Communications

Sarah Savoy, Treasurer

Tyrone Short, Secretary