Don't Forget to Donate to the SHA Book Fair Fundraiser!
Wed, Apr 26 8:29pm

Happy Friday Eve, Breakthrough Families! 


Thank you to all our parent volunteers who are helping make the SHA Scholastic Book Fair a memorable experience for our students, and thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! We have raised $2,683 and are on our way to achieving our goal of $4,000! We have 5 more classes scheduled to visit the Fair and would love to have enough funds to ensure that every student can go home with a book this week.


Students in Chestnut, Gingko, and Cherry Blossom will have the opportunity to select their books today.  If you are able, please contribute to the SHA Student Book Fair Fund.

Book Fair Schedule:
TODAY, Thursday: Chestnut, Ginkgo, Cherry Blossom
Friday: Capuli, Baobab
Saturday: EVERYONE! Family Book Fair! 10AM-3PM
Thank you so much!