Minutes from SHA General Meeting (Jan. 26, 2024)
Mon, Jan 29 9:56pm

Thanks to all who joined us for the SHA meeting last Friday!


Attached are the complete minutes of the general meeting of the Breakthrough School-Home Association (SHA).


Meeting Summary: A general meeting of the Breakthrough Montessori SHA was held on Friday, January 26th, 2024.  Key outcomes were:


  • Equitable Gift Project (EGP) was a success, raising $16,000 (far exceeding the $12K goal), and allowing the SHA to provide a gift of $200 to every single Breakthrough employee.
  • Fundraising Committee needs more volunteers. Contact Mea Geizhals or Kendra Harpster if interested.
  • Review of the SHA Spring Calendar
  • Presentation by Drew Sample (former Breakthrough parent and Simplicity Parenting course facilitator) - further description will follow in a future Breakthrough newsletter.
  • SHA is investigating option of replacing Konstella with WhatsApp next school year.


Thank you!


Keisha Igbazua, President

Sarah Savoy, Vice President

Meghan Sullivan, Secretary / Room Parent Liaison

Kendra Harpster, Treasurer

Adaku Onyeka-Crawford, Director of Communications

Hunter Watts, At Large

Ebonee Price, Director of Diversity and Inclusion