SHA Scholastic Book Fair kicks off today! Please remember to donate to the SHA Book Fair Fund!
Thu, Apr 20 12:32pm

Good morning Breakthrough families!


The SHA Scholastic Book Fair begins today!  Students in Sequoia and Locust will have the opportunity to pick their SHA-funded book at school today.  We want to make sure that EVERY Breakthrough student gets to bring home at least one book from this week-long event, so if you are able, please contribute to the SHA Student Book Fair Fund.  (Suggested donation is $10/child.)

Book Fair Schedule:
TODAY, Monday: Sequoia, Locust
Tuesday: Palm, Willow, Tulip-Poplar, 
Wednesday: Dogwood, Maple, Magnolia
Thursday: Chestnut, Ginkgo, Cherry Blossom
Friday: Capuli, Baobab
Saturday: EVERYONE! Family Book Fair! 10AM-3PM
Thank you so much!