Volunteers/Donations for Garden Beautification
Fri, Aug 19 3:00pm-5:00pm
Breakthrough Montessori 6923 Willow Street, NW
Hello Breakthrough families!
We hope you are enjoying the final weeks of summer!
Over the summer, the gardens planted last spring in the playground area have really taken off! So too have the weeds, and we'd like to get the hill around the embankment slide cleaned up and ready to go for the start of school. Rebecca Helgerson has been helping us with garden maintenance, and this year we're also welcoming Mr. Travis as our new Outdoor Educator and Extended Day Coordinator. 
We'd like to invite 5 families to help with a garden beautification afternoon on Friday, August 19 from 3-5pm. We're looking for a handful of volunteers (about 5 people would be ideal) to help us pull out weeds and plant some additional plants (we're thinking of climbing thyme and strawberries). 
In addition to the 5 families who would like to help weed and plant (children welcome!), Ms. Emily is also asking for donations of the following plants: creeping thyme, strawberries, river oats, and blueberries. If any families have any of these currently growing in their yard and have a plant that could be transferred to Breakthrough, we would greatly appreciate the donation!  
Please sign up below. Looking forward to the new school year!
All best,
The School Home Association 


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Fri, Aug 19 3:00pm-5:00pm
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Fri, Aug 19 3:00pm-3:30pm
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