ONLY reply if you will NOT be here next year. Will your child be here next year??

Wed, Jun 13 11:43am

Hi Chadbourne Families,  If you know that your child will not be returning to Chadbourne next year, and you haven't already notified us, please write me back and let me know.  We are trying to see if ... [More]

ALL Lost and Found will be donated after school today

Wed, Jun 13 11:38am

  Dear Families,   It's me - your Long Lost Jacket - sitting here with my buddy, your Long Lost Water Bottle.  PLEASE RESCUE me from the Lost and Found at Chadbourne (by 1:05pm) before I get donated t ... [More]

Last day to pick up meds before 1:05pm

Wed, Jun 13 10:29am

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Just a reminder that ALL medications kept at school must be picked up by the deadline of 1:05pm today.  School gets out at 1:05pm for Grades 1 - 6 and at 11:40am for all Kind ... [More]

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 6/12/2018 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Tue, Jun 12 2:48pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us for the last CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 today on Tuesday 12th Jun 2018 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members duties ... [More]

Office Closes tomorrow at 1:20pm

Tue, Jun 12 11:38am

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Tomorrow is the last day of school!!  The school office will be closed at 1:20pm tomorrow.   Please make sure your children are picked up on time.  Please notify your drivers ... [More]


Mon, Jun 11 11:55am

Dear Chadbourne Families,   We are receiving many phone calls in our office asking about this week's schedule. Please remember (and let your drivers know) that school ends  for Grades 1 - 6 at 1:05pm ... [More]

Registration Open for Hopkins Instrumental Music Classes

Sun, Jun 10 5:25pm

To: Parents of Incoming 4th, 5th, and 6th graders of the Mission attendance area From: Hopkins Junior High School Music Dept.    All levels of after-school instrumental music classes for 2018-2019 are ... [More]

Yearbooks are here (updated)

Sun, Jun 3 9:54pm

Sorry about my previous announcement with last year's list.   The 2018 Chadbourne Yearbooks have arrived.  Pre-ordered yearbooks were distributed to the classrooms on Friday.  Some teachers may have p ... [More]

Thank you Boy Scout Parents!

Wed, May 30 7:10am

Good Morning Chadbourne Families,   Thank you to the Boy Scouts Parents who jumped in last night and helped out music teacher, Miss Sandy, finish makes some final choir concert props!  You were such a ... [More]

Today: REGULAR release time - NOT an early release day

Fri, May 25 1:25pm

Hi Dear Chadbourne Families,   Just a reminder that today we will dismiss our students at the regular release time. It is NOT an early release day.  A few other schools in the area have a different sc ... [More]

Drop Off

Fri, May 25 8:03am

Dear Parents It is VERY important you do not drop your students off at school until 8:05.  There is no supervision outside before 8:05 and we have noticed more and more students getting dropped off be ... [More]

Teachers Need Your Support - Please act now to avoid possible strike !!

Wed, May 23 1:38pm

Greetings Parents,   Many of you would have noticed this morning teachers out near drive way asking for your support and distributing attached email/phone template for FUSD board to help with their sa ... [More]

Lost and Found

Wed, May 23 10:57am

Dear Parents,   PLEASE check our Lost and Found for your child's lost items ASAP.  All Lost and Found items are kept in front of office to be picked up by parents. ... [More]

Old Glasses?? Donate them by Friday!

Tue, May 22 2:58pm

Hi Chadbourne Families, As you know, we are collecting old glasses at our school site for an Eagle Scout project for one of our Chadbourne Scouts.  If you have old prescription glasses that you'd like ... [More]

FAME EXHIBIT - 2018 Open House Reminder –TODAY NIGHT

Tue, May 22 10:03am

Hi All,   Please visit us at the library to view the beautiful artwork created by our students, as part of the FAME program. This is our first attempt and  we are looking forward to see you all tonigh ... [More]

2018 Open House TOMORROW NIGHT/Art Show and Food Trucks

Mon, May 21 5:21pm

2018 Open House Reminder – TOMORROW NIGHT  Come and visit your child’s classroom, talk with their teachers, and let your student(s) show you all of their amazing hard work and accomplishments!        ... [More]

Chadbourne Math Olympiad 2017-18 Results

Thu, May 17 5:09pm

Hello Chadbourne families, Here are the results of this year's Math Olympiad contests. CFFA registered 4 teams for Math Olympiad this year (3 in Division E and 1 in Division M).    1. Highest Individu ... [More]

May Parents Newsletter

Thu, May 17 11:22am

Happy Thursday, Dear Chadbourne Families,   Attached is the May Parents Newsletter.  Please take a few minutes to read it as it includes important information and dates for the rest of this month thro ... [More]

Chadbourne OPEN HOUSE and Art Show reminder

Fri, May 11 3:53pm

Good evening, Chadbourne Families,   Please mark your calendars for Chadbourne's Open House  and Student Art Show on Tuesday, May 22nd.  We look forward to seeing all of you there!  Our students are V ... [More]

Reminder: Tomorrow is - "Office supplies day" - the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week

Thu, May 10 8:25pm

Reminder: Tomorrow is - "Office supplies day: Bring supplies such as post its, white-out, binder paper, copy paper, stickers, grading pens, whiteboard markers, Sharpies,  etc.. "   Please also remembe ... [More]

Reminder: Tomorrow is - "Sweets Day - Bring a sweet treat or a fruit for your teacher. "

Wed, May 9 9:36pm

Reminder: Tomorrow is - "Sweets Day - Bring a  sweet treat or a fruit for your teacher. "   Please also remember to show appreciation to the prep teachers - Science Lab, Computer Lab, PE, Music and Ar ... [More]

IMPORTANT : Fremont Teachers Need Your Help.

Wed, May 9 2:15pm

Dear Chadbourne Parents,   (The following message is to support our teachers. While the following views may not necessarily represent Chadbourne CFFA , I  believe the views will be shared by many of y ... [More]

Reminder: Teacher Appreciation week- Tomorrow is - "Coffee and Color day"

Tue, May 8 4:58pm

Reminder: Tomorrow is - "Coffee and Color day. Room parent or a designated parent sends teacher’s favorite coffee/drink to class, students wear the teacher's favorite color. "   Please also remember t ... [More]

"Bike" to School THURSDAY May 10th - HOORAY!

Tue, May 8 8:50am

Good Morning, Chadbourne Families,   Don't FORGET!  Thursday, May 10th, is our 2nd Annual BIKE TO SCHOOL EVENT!  Please encourage your kids to participate by supervising them as they are biking or rol ... [More]

Reminder: Tomorrow is - "Bring a handwritten note or card for your teacher day".

Mon, May 7 3:52pm

Reminder: Tomorrow is - "Bring a handwritten note or card for your teacher telling them why you appreciate them" day. Please also remember to show appreciation to the prep teachers - Science Lab, Comp ... [More]

Teacher Appreciation Week starts tomorrow 5/7 - Bring a flower for your teacher

Sun, May 6 11:33am

Dear Chadbourne Families,   Reminder: Tomorrow is a bring a flower for your teacher day. Please also remember to show appreciation to the prep teachers - Science Lab, Computer Lab, PE, Music and Art t ... [More]

Teacher's Appreciation Week message shhhhhhh! :)

Fri, May 4 2:14pm

Hello Dear Chadbourne Families,    As you know, next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Hooray! I know CFFA sent a message to you with the details - but I also wanted to let you know that if any class ... [More]

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 5/1/2018 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Mon, Apr 30 11:21pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us today for the 9th CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 1st May 2018 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members duties h ... [More]

No Walk to School on 5/4

Mon, Apr 30 11:15pm

Greeting Parents   We will not be having Walk to School on 5/4/2018 in lieu of "Bike to School Event on 5/10/2018"   Please see message from Trudy - ... [More]

Teacher Appreciation Week : Suggested Activities

Mon, Apr 30 7:16pm

Dear Chadbourne Families,   Teacher's Appreciation week is coming up the week of May 7th and as is tradition,  here are the suggested activities for students to show their appreciation to their teache ... [More]

Bike To School Day - May 10th

Mon, Apr 30 9:16am

Good Morning, Chadbourne Families,   After a very successful " Bike to School" event last year, we are very excited to announce that Chadbourne  will be participating in the "Bike to School" event thi ... [More]

Art Contest

Fri, Apr 27 4:34pm

Good Afternoon I am attaching information for an art contest! Please be sure to follow directions and submit it to the office by the Due date of  May 3rd or to  Fremont Youth and Family Services locat ... [More]

Thank YOU - Admin Professionals Day

Wed, Apr 25 10:14am

Dearest Chadbourne Families,   The three of us would like to thank all of you and your children for the HUGE display of "Happy Admin. Professionals Day" flowers and greetings we received today!  We ar ... [More]

Sorry! Last message was meant for our Chinese speaking families

Fri, Apr 20 12:23pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   I'm sorry for the confusion. I was trying to send the last message/flyer to our Chinese speaking Chadbourne Families and was using a new program to send it in the correct lan ... [More]

這是三城健康中文宣傳單 Zhè shì sān chéng jiànkāng zhōngwén xuānchuán dān

Fri, Apr 20 11:20am

你好Chadbourne家庭, 這是三城市移動健康診所的傳單,將在下週二至週五在我們的學校現場。  Nǐ hǎo Chadbourne jiātíng, zhè shì sān chéngshì yídòng jiànkāng zhěnsuǒ de chuándān, jiàng zàixià zhōu èr zhì zhōu wǔ zài wǒmen de xuéxiào xiànchǎng.

April Parents Newsletter

Thu, Apr 19 1:40pm

Happy Thursday,  Dear Chadbourne Families!   Attached is the April Parents Newsletter.  Please take a few minutes to read it for our current school updates.   Have a great day!   Trudy Wentworth Schoo ... [More]

Teacher Appreciation Week

Mon, Apr 16 9:44am

Hello Chadbourne Families,   Teacher's Appreciation week is coming up on May 7th and as is tradition,  CFFA will be hosting an appreciation lunch and providing gift cards to all teachers to show our a ... [More]

Election Results for CFFA Board 2018-2019 School Year

Sun, Apr 15 11:34pm

Greeting Parents,   CFFA Board for 2018-2019 school year has been selected during 4/10/2018 board meeting.   President: Ganesh Yadav Vice President: Jyothi Iyer   Secretary: Priya Velji   Treasurer: I ... [More]

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 4/10/2018 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Mon, Apr 9 11:32pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us today for the 8th CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 10th Apr 2018 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members duties ... [More]

Spring Picture Day tomorrow

Mon, Apr 9 3:23pm

Hi Chadbourne Familes,   Please remember that Spring Picture Day is tomorrow. Picture Day Volunteer -  please check in with the office when you arrive.   Thank you,    Trudy Wentworth School Secretary

March 29, 2018

Wed, Mar 28 7:47pm

Good Evening Tomorrow the office will be closing at 2:00. Hope everyone has a restful and joyful Spring Break.   Enjoy family and friends see you April 9th   Kimberley Pedrotti

2018-19 CFFA Board Members Election Participants Statement

Tue, Mar 27 8:48pm

Greeting Parents !!   You must have received green flyer in Tuesday folder today, please see attached "2018-19 CFFA Board Members Election Participants Statement" soft copy for your reference.   One c ... [More]

Minimum Day Wed & Thurs - NO SCHOOL Friday

Tue, Mar 27 3:06pm

Hello Chadbourne Families,   Just a quick reminder that both tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday are minimum days this week. Grades 1 - 6 will be dismissed at 1:05pm.  Kindergarten will be released at t ... [More]

Lost and Found will be donated on Thursday - Final Notice

Tue, Mar 27 9:48am

Hi Chadbourne Families,   In order to assist your children in finding their lost items we have displayed the thousands of dollars worth of jackets and other lost items as a walking MAZE for the past c ... [More]

Yearbook update

Sat, Mar 24 8:54pm

Yearbook preorders due March 29th (after that cash only, first come first serve of extras printed after we hand out preorders).  Orders received as of March 21st are listed in the attachment.   Order ... [More]

No Safety Patrol Today & Variety Show Canceled

Thu, Mar 22 2:36pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   We don't have an available Safety Patrol Parent Volunteer today to act as Crossing Guard in front of our school.  Please drive VERY carefully and help your children cross the ... [More]

New ELA/ELD Curriculum

Thu, Mar 22 10:17am

Good Morning   "The ELA/ELD Adoption committee is recommending Benchmark/Adelante to the school board for the ELA/ELD (English Language Arts/English Language Development) Curriculum.     The Curriculu ... [More]


Thu, Mar 22 12:35am

Dear Parents and Students,   With a heavy hearts and deep regrets, we would like to inform the Chadbourne Community that Variety Show for 2018 has been cancelled. We had made many attempts to recruit ... [More]

March Parents Newsletter

Wed, Mar 21 4:21pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Here is the Parent Newsletter for March.  HAPPY reading! :)

invent-a-Bot program sign-ups

Wed, Mar 21 3:35pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Attached is information for the Spring Session of after-school  invent-a-Bot programs at Chadbourne.

No Volunteer Crossing Guard this afternoon

Wed, Mar 21 6:44am

Good Morning, Chadbourne Families,   As you know, this year we do not have enough parent volunteers to fully man every shift of our safety trained Morning Valet and Afternoon Crossing Guard positions. ... [More]

Cell phone was returned to owner

Tue, Mar 20 4:24pm

The lost cell phone had been  returned to owner.   Thank you

Missing cell phone?

Tue, Mar 20 3:43pm

Hi all,   If you lost your cell phone this afternoon after school near our campus - please call me to identify.   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary

First Year Feedback

Fri, Mar 16 3:44pm

Good Afternoon Happy Friday! I have a survey I would like you to fill out, giving me input on how my first year as your Principal has gone.  I have had a great time being here, and feel so lucky to ha ... [More]

ALL Lost and Found will be donated on 3/29/18

Fri, Mar 16 3:16pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Please, PLEASE, check our Lost and Found for your child(ren)'s jackets, water bottles, lunch boxes, umbrellas and other items.  Small items such as watches, jewelry, and glas ... [More]

No walk to school friday in March due to Rain

Fri, Mar 16 12:19am

Parents,   Sorry for late notice!!    There will be No walk to school friday in March due to Rain   Thanks Ishaque


Tue, Mar 13 2:13pm

Good Afternoon Yesterday and today we had 67 tardies.  It is very important we leave home with enough time to get to school.  I tell the students if I can get my 2nd and 3rd grade students out of the ... [More]

2:35 Science Camp Bus Arrival Update

Fri, Mar 9 2:11pm

Hi Science Camp Families,   The Buses hit unexpected heavy traffic.  Google didn't see it.  The new estimated arrival time is 2:35.     Thank you,   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary  

6th Graders Returning from Science Camp

Fri, Mar 9 12:54pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   For those of you who are picking up 6th Graders who are returning from Science Camp, we have confirmed that they are on their way back to Chadbourne .Estimated Arrival Time:2 ... [More]

PLEASE READ: Science camp check-out logistics

Fri, Mar 9 10:56am

Dear parents,   The 6th graders will be returning this afternoon. We are excited to welcome them home.   To safely dismiss 117 students, please read and follow the check-out logistics:   1. When buses ... [More]

6th Grade Science Camp Message

Fri, Mar 9 10:33am

Hi Parents of Students at Science Camp,   Just a quick update:   The buses are scheduled to leave Science Camp at APPROXIMATELY 12:30pm today.  Once the buses have actually left - we will send another ... [More]

Pennies for Patients Announcement

Mon, Mar 5 9:47am

Hello Chadbourne Families!    Today, March 5th is the last day for our Pennies for Patients fundraiser! The students have done a fantastic in job in bringing in their donations. Let's give ourselves o ... [More]

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 3/6/2018 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Sun, Mar 4 9:39pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us today for the 7th CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 6th Mar 2018 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members duties h ... [More]

URGENT Auditions Date Change - Variety Show

Wed, Feb 21 12:01pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Due to the unexpected and complete failure of the sound equipment in our Multi-Use Room we have had to move the date for Variety Show Auditions from tomorrow to NEXT Thursday ... [More]

Spirit Wear- Final Call

Tue, Feb 20 3:54pm

Hello Pioneers !   We will be closing the orders on 2/25/2018.   Kindly print the attached form and place your orders no later than 2/23/2018.  You could drop the filled in form along with the checks ... [More]

6th Grade Math League - Important Information PLEASE READ

Fri, Feb 16 1:34pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Chadbourne is continuing its tradition of participating in The Math League Sixth Grade Mathematics Contest. Students at Chadbourne in the sixth grade and below may participat ... [More]

Traffic Safety - Need your Inputs!

Fri, Feb 16 12:52am

Please fill this survey (open for two weeks)  -   Dear parents,   We face many issues during pick-up and drop-off of our kids. Of late, we see many instances of ... [More]

Karen Chen Olympian - former Chadbourne Student

Wed, Feb 14 12:56pm

Hi Parents,   One of our staff members sent us a link to an NBC interview with Karen Chen.   Enjoy!   Here is the video link. ... [More]

Spirit Wear Orders !!

Mon, Feb 12 6:43pm

Hello Parents/Staff,    In order to address the new additions to the Chadbourne family and also the few who might have wanted  but couldn't order the Spirit Wear at the beginning of the School year, w ... [More]

February Parents Newsletter

Thu, Feb 8 5:08pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Here is the February Parents Newsletter.  There is a lot of important information inside.   Enjoy!  Happy Thursday!   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary  

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 2/6/2018 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Tue, Feb 6 10:32am

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us today for the 6th CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 6th Feb 2018 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members duties h ... [More]

Basketball Games Schedule

Mon, Feb 5 10:51am

Hi Chadbourne Families!   Happy Monday!   Just a reminder that for the next three Basketball games (starting today at Mission San Jose Elementary) - the boys play first at 3:30 followed by the girls a ... [More]

January Parents Newsletter

Thu, Jan 25 5:27pm

Hello Dear Chadbourne Families,   Attached is the January Parents' Newsletter.  Sorry for the delay!  We were given some last minute information to add.   Happy Thursday!! :)   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary

Friday Winter Choir Concerts Grades 1, 3, and 5

Thu, Jan 25 4:54pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Just a reminder that our Winter Choir Concerts are tomorrow (Friday 1/26) for grades 1, 3, and5. Schedule:    9:00 -   9:30 Grade 3 10:00 -10:30 Grade 5    2:10 -   2:40 Grad ... [More]

Pinewood Derby

Wed, Jan 24 4:42pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Please see the attached flyer invitation to the BSA Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby event at our school on Friday.   Thank you,   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary

New Elementary Report Card Feedback

Mon, Jan 22 11:20am

Good Morning Please take the time to look over the proposed report cards for K-6.  Please provide input on the link provided.   Thank you  Kimberley Pedrotti   Elementary Report Cards - Feedback Neede ... [More]

ELAC Meeting Canceled

Tue, Jan 16 8:48am

Good Morning Chadbourne Families,   Tonight's ELAC meeting has been canceled. We will notify you as soon as it is rescheduled.   Have a wonderful Tuesday,   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary    

REMINDER: Priority Sibling Enrollment Now

Tue, Jan 16 7:57am

Good Afternoon, Chadbourne Families,   Reminder: If Chadbourne is your home school, and you have a current Kindergarten - Grade 5 student enrolled here, Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018,  is your LAST day to p ... [More]

Student Safety - Morning Valet possibly closing

Fri, Jan 12 3:40pm

January 12, 2018   Dear Parents and Drivers,   The morning valet situation at Chadbourne Elementary is of great concern to the staff, the parent volunteers, and myself. Currently, Chadbourne Elementar ... [More]

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 1/9/2018 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Tue, Jan 9 2:22pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us tomorrow for the 5th CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 9th Jan 2018 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members dutie ... [More]

December Newsletter Correction

Mon, Dec 18 1:39pm

Hi Dear Chadbourne Families,   There was a typo in the Newsletter!  I'm so sorry!  After Winter Break, school resumes on January 8, 2018. (I've  attached the corrected Newsletter.)   Thank you,   Trud ... [More]

TEST only - disregard

Mon, Dec 18 11:33am

Test post - please disregard

December Newsletter !!

Mon, Dec 18 10:59am

Greeting Parents,   Please see attached December 2017 Newsletter.   Happy Holidays !!   Ishaque Ketekar CFFA President 2017-18

Yearbook Orders

Sun, Dec 17 11:14pm

Yearbook prices are currently $22.  If you want to order by check, extra order forms are in the office.  Or you can order online at with Yearbook ID Code: 4597818.   Yearbook price ... [More]

LAST CHANCE: The Book Fair Ends

Wed, Dec 6 9:02pm

Tomorrow (12/7) is your last chance to buy books or gifts from the  Book Fair We will be open from 8:00a - 1:20p   Stop by and get your last minute shopping done or send money with your child to buy b ... [More]

REMINDER: Family Night TONIGHT! 12/6

Wed, Dec 6 3:40pm

Reminder tonight (December 6th) is Family Night at the Book Fair from 6:00pm-8:00pm Please bring your child and help pick out books they have been looking at all week long.   See you there!!!

Family Night & One-4-Books Update

Tue, Dec 5 8:29pm

Tomorrow is the last day for One-4-Books. Currently we are at $800, still a long way from our goal of $2,000. Exciting news!! An anonymous donor has stepped up to match the funds that are handed in to ... [More]

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 12/5/2017 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Mon, Dec 4 7:22pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us tomorrow for the 4th CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 5th Dec 2017 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members dutie ... [More]

One-4-Books Needs Your Help!

Mon, Dec 4 5:59pm

As of today, we  have only collected $600. As previously mentioned, our goal is to raise $2,000 or more.  The funds we raise for One-4-Books not only helps Chadbourne, but will also help our neighbors ... [More]

One-4-Books & Book Fair

Sun, Dec 3 7:54pm

Our One-4-Books contest will end on December 6th.  This year we have only collected $400. Our goal is to raise $2,000 or more.  We are very extemely short of this goal, so please consider donating to ... [More]

No EcoClub meeting today!!

Fri, Dec 1 1:14pm

Parents of EcoClub participants, The EcoClub will NOT be meeting today. Please make sure your children are picked up at 2.50 p.m. after school. Today's meeting has been postponed to next Friday, Decem ... [More]

Book Fair & One-4-Books

Thu, Nov 30 6:55pm

Our One-4-Books contest ends soon.  Last year we exceeded our goal, but this year we're falling way short of our goal.  Your child can donate to the collection box in their classroom.  The class which ... [More]

Mission EDU Signup !!

Wed, Nov 29 9:30pm

Greeting Parents,   Mission EDU a CFFA sponsored program holds free tutoring sessions from 6-7 every Friday on subjects like math, science, and computer science. If you are interested in having your c ... [More]

Basketball Practice Today 1:15pm - 3:00pm

Fri, Nov 17 9:05am

Hi Basketball Team Families,   Sorry for the late notice.  There will be Basketball Practice today for both the Boys and Girls Teams in the Multi-Use Room from 1:15-3:00pm.  We will provide you with t ... [More]

Beginning Band Parents _Message from Band Instructor

Mon, Nov 13 2:00pm

To Chadbourne Beginning Band Families,   In case you didn't receive the email message from our Band Instructor, Jacob Edwards, I wanted to forward it to you.  See below:   Hi everyone,   Thanks to eve ... [More]

November Parent Newsletter

Thu, Nov 9 2:00pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Please take a few minutes to read the November Parent Newsletter for exciting school news, upcoming events, and important dates.  We have included the dates for the Parent In ... [More]

Beginning Band Begins 11/9/17

Fri, Nov 3 9:57am

Hello Chadbourne Families,   We have a start date for those of you who have students (grades 4-6) enrolled in Beginning Band!  Band begins next Thursday, 11/9/17, after school (3pm - 4pm) in the MUR. ... [More]

Reminder: No costumes at school today

Tue, Oct 31 7:53am

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Just a reminder that today is Orange and Black Spirit Day.  Students can wear those colors to show school spirit.  Reminder: No costumes are permitted at school.   Have a won ... [More]

American Mathematics Competition

Fri, Oct 27 6:50am

                                                                   FUSS sponsors the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) for hundreds of FUSD students for the sixth year   Fremont Unified Student ... [More]

Basketball Tryouts

Wed, Oct 25 11:20am

Good Morning I have had some families saying their doctors are not accepting the forms in the packet. I am attaching another form that might help.  I just need the clearance form.  Also when packets a ... [More]

The story of your donations being delivered last Saturday

Thu, Oct 19 2:20pm

  Hi Chadbourne Families,   Miss Bianchi delivered your donations to the Northern California Fire Victims last Saturday.  Her story of that experience is incredibly moving.  She included pictures to s ... [More]

Fun RUN Update!

Thu, Oct 19 9:48am

Opps!  The pickup location is Club Sport!  See the corrected email below.   Hi Chadbourne Families,   If you are registered for The Fun RUN you should have received an email telling you to pick up the ... [More]

Newsletter revision

Thu, Oct 12 4:47pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   We were sent additional information to be included in our email that I missed.  Here is the revised and final copy.  The added information is on page 3.   Thank you,   Trudy ... [More]

October Parent Newsletter

Thu, Oct 12 11:40am

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Here is our October Parent Newsletter.   Happy Thursday!

Chadbourne on the 10 o'clock news KTVU tonight

Wed, Oct 11 8:32pm   Dear Chadbourne Families, Chadbourne will be featured on tonight's 10 O'Clock news! KTVU Channel 2 News heard about the "Let's Help" campaign at Chadbourne (star ... [More]

Helping the Northern Calif Fire Victims

Wed, Oct 11 11:47am

LET’S HELP Northern California Fire Victims   The Chadbourne Pioneer community is participating in an “Every Student Bring $1.00” campaign.   Students who would like to participate in this event can b ... [More]

Air Quality tomorrow (Wednesday)

Tue, Oct 10 5:42pm

Dear Chadbourne Families,    While today's air quality remained moderate, the forecast is showing worsening air quality in our area.  As you know, the health and safety of our students is our number o ... [More]

Air Quality

Mon, Oct 9 10:22am

Dear Chadbourne Families,   Due to poor air quality caused by smoke in the air,  all PE, recess periods, and lunch will be held indoors today.     Have a good afternoon,   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary  


Wed, Oct 4 5:47pm

Good Evening I wanted to let everyone know that the Bee situation is 95% better than a few weeks ago.  Our district employees found two large nests that they removed and also sprayed the perimeter of ... [More]

Safety patrol Sign Up

Tue, Oct 3 10:53pm

Hi all,   The safety patrol team monitors the traffic around the school during the drop off (7:55 am - 8:20 am) and pickup (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 2:45 pm - 3:20 pm , Wed - 12:55 pm -1:20 pm) hours. ... [More]

Safety patrol Sign Up

Tue, Oct 3 10:50pm

Hi all,   The safety patrol team monitors the traffic around the school during the drop off (7:55 am - 8:20 am) and pickup (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 2:45 pm - 3:20 pm , Wed - 12:55 pm -1:20 pm) hours. ... [More]


Tue, Oct 3 5:28pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Just a  few quick reminders: NO GLASS CONTAINERS are permitted at school.  We have had several students bringing glass containers that have broken in our picnic area.   Due t ... [More]

Beginning Band Clarification - Chadbourne

Tue, Oct 3 5:18pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Recently a flyer went home in the Tuesday Folder for grades 4 - 6 regarding information about Beginning Band. We discovered an error in it.   The day of the week that band wi ... [More]

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 10/3/2017 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Mon, Oct 2 9:02pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us tomorrow for the 2nd CFFA meeting for the school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members dutie ... [More]

Fun Run

Fri, Sep 29 1:34pm

Good Afternoon Please see the attached two flyers for the Fun Run 4 Education which takes place October 22, 2017 and a permission slip to join our running club which will start next Wednesday.   Thank ... [More]

International Walk and Roll to School Day, October 4, 2017

Fri, Sep 29 1:25pm

International Walk and Roll to School Day October 4, 2017     Please join your friends in walking or “rolling” to school on Wednesday, October 4th.  Those who participate will be greeted at the front ... [More]

Exciting news!

Fri, Sep 29 11:43am

Dear Chadbourne Families,   Thanks to your Pioneer Pledge donations to C.F.F.A., the award winning children’s author, David M. Schwartz, is coming to Chadbourne on Tuesday, November 2nd!  David  Schwa ... [More]

Chadbourne Twitter Handle - Please Follow !!

Fri, Sep 29 10:41am

Message from Ms Simon:   Please share these with parents on Konstella.   for the Computer Lab @chadpioneers​   For Mrs. Pedrotti @pioneerpals   for PE (Mrs. Gribben) @Chad_PE_fusd    Thank you.

Last Call for Spirit Wear !!

Wed, Sep 27 9:15pm

Message from Spirit wear Chair:   Let  your kids ( or you :)) experience the Chadbourne pride by donning a cool sweatshirt or hoodie, hat or a shirt. Spirit Wear  binds us all as a big happy Chadbourn ... [More]

Gentle Reminder - Training for new safety patrol volunteers

Tue, Sep 26 10:07pm

Hi All,   There will be a orientation and training session for the safety patrol volunteers in MPR at 7:50 am tomorrow.   Please meet me outside the MPR.   Thanks Charuta Seith CFFA Safety Patrol Chair

ELAC - English Language Advisory Committee Meeting

Mon, Sep 25 4:57pm

Dear Parents of Students who are designated as an English Language Learner at Chadbourne Elementary School, On Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017 @ 5:00pm in Room 1 we will be having our first ELAC (English Langu ... [More]

Picture Day TOMORROW (Tuesday)

Mon, Sep 25 3:35pm

Hello Chadbourne Families,   Just a reminder that tomorrow is Fall Picture Day!  These are the classroom pictures that will be in the Yearbook.   Have a great evening! Trudy Wentworth School Secretary

Safety patrol Sign Up

Mon, Sep 25 8:38am

Hi all,   The safety patrol team monitors the traffic around the school during the drop off (7:55 am - 8:20 am) and pickup (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 2:45 pm - 3:20 pm , Wed - 12:55 pm -1:20 pm) hours. ... [More]

Safety Patrol Sign up

Mon, Sep 25 8:36am

Hi all,   The safety patrol team monitors the traffic around the school during the drop off (7:55 am - 8:20 am) and pickup (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 2:45 pm - 3:20pm , Wed - 12:55 pm -1:20 pm) hours. ... [More]

Spirit Wear Due Date Extended to 9/29/2017 !!

Fri, Sep 22 7:39pm

Greeting Parents !!   We have extended Spirit Wear Order due date to next Friday 9/29/2017 as parents are still submitting orders !!   Please see attached Spirit Wear Order Form for 2017-18 school yea ... [More]

Pick-up/Drop Off time

Fri, Sep 22 3:33pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   Important reminders:   1) No students are permitted on campus before 8:05am. For some reason we have had a large number of students being dropped off between 7:30am  - 8:00am ... [More]

Back To School Night Grades 1 - 6 Tonight!

Tue, Sep 19 4:32pm

Hi Chadbourne Parents and Guardians,   We'll see you all at Back To School Night tonight starting at 6:30 in the Multi Use Room. (Back to School Night is for the parents of students in Grades 1 - 6.   ... [More]

Basketball Coaches needed

Tue, Sep 19 8:56am

Dear Chadbourne Community We are looking volunteers to coach the girls and boys basketball teams for the 2017/2018 season. Timeline: Mid October District meeting to set up game schedule Mid October to ... [More]

September Parent Newsletter

Wed, Sep 13 1:47pm

Hi Chadbourne Families!   Happy Wednesday! Attached is the September Newsletter.  Please read it as it contains important information and dates. Have a wonderful day,   Trudy Wentworth School Secretary

CLARIFICATION Reminder for New GATE Parents

Wed, Sep 13 9:14am

The message below only applies to the parents of NEWLY Identified GATE Students.  GATE Testing happens in Grade 3 mid-year. (More information will be discussed at Back To School Night on 9/19 with Gra ... [More]

Safety Patrol Sign Up

Mon, Sep 11 11:03am

Hi all, The safety patrol team monitors the traffic around the school during the drop off (7:55 am - 8:20 am) and pickup (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri 2:45 pm - 3:20pm , Wed - 12:55 pm -1:20 pm) hours. Th ... [More]

Walk to school Friday on 9/15/2017

Thu, Sep 7 11:15pm

Greeting Parents !!   Walk to school Friday will be on 9/15/2017   More details and volunteering opportunities details to follow soon   Thanks Ishaque

Agenda - CFFA Board Meeting 9/5/2017 - 7 PM - Rm - 1

Mon, Sep 4 6:16pm

Greeting Parents !!!   Please join us for the 1st CFFA meeting for school year 2017-18 on Tuesday 5th Sep 2017 at 7 pm in Rm-1.    You can find more details about CFFA Board members duties here:  http ... [More]

Spirit Wear Order Form for 2017-18 !!

Mon, Sep 4 2:00pm

Greeting Parents !!   Please see attached Spirit Wear Order Form for 2017-18 school year.     You can drop your order forms along with Check payable to CFFA at the front office or with your teacher. L ... [More]

Regular Release Time today and Tomorrow (NOT early release days)

Thu, Aug 31 1:26pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,   We've had many calls to the office asking about dismissal time for today and tomorrow.  On Thursday 8/31/17 and Friday 9/1/17 we have regular dismissal time  of 2:50 pm.    P ... [More]

HEAT ADVISORY from Principal

Thu, Aug 31 1:09pm

August 31st, 2017   Dear Parent/Guardian,   I hope the First Day of School went well for you and your family. We are excited to start the school year and are looking forward to the coming months. Plea ... [More]


Wed, Aug 30 7:11am

Hi Chadbourne Families,   We are looking forward to seeing all of you this morning!!   Please be extra cognizant of traffic and pedestrians as the first day of school is always a busy one. (Allow a li ... [More]

First Day Of School - Traffic Tips/Instructions !!

Tue, Aug 29 8:32pm

Greeting Parents !!   Welcome to 2017-18 School year !!   Move your  Kids to Konstella Classroom Teachers have already started sending welcome messages on Konstella, I see only 45% parents have moved ... [More]


Sun, Aug 27 12:48pm

Welcome to Konstella, This will be my primary means of communicating with you about classroom events, needs, reminders. If you need to contact me about your child or any other private concern, please ... [More]

Please move your students to Konstella Classroom !!

Wed, Aug 23 8:25pm

Greeting Parents !!!   I hope most of you had a chance to stop by at Maze Day and know teachers/classroom for your students. Please see attached guide with simple steps to move your students into Kons ... [More]

MAZE DAY Tomorrow!! (Wed 8/23) See you there!

Tue, Aug 22 7:13pm

Hi Chadbourne Families!   Are your children excited to find out who their teachers are?? We are really looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow at MAZE Day tomorrow (Wed 8/23).  Please remember t ... [More]

Spirit Wear Order Form

Mon, Aug 21 11:05pm

Greeting Parents !!   Please see attached Spirit Wear Order Form for 2017-18 school year.     We will be accepting orders starting MAZE Day.  Paper copies of this form will be available on MAZE day  a ... [More]

School Supplies Lists

Fri, Aug 11 4:11pm

Hi Parents,   Here is the School Supplies List for Chadbourne in case you need a copy.     Trudy Wentworth School Secretary