Milpitas Babysitting Coop
A group of interested Milpitas parents who want to trade babysitting each others' children to reduce cost and for our kids to play with friends. Must be screened to join the website where hours are tracked. No money is exchanged, just points. This is not a business, just a group of parents. HOW CAN I JOIN THE COOP? 1. Learn how it works on https://www.babysittingcoop.com/index.php?page=5 2. Sign up as a babysitter for free on Care.com. Have a background check done on the site for $9. Click "view my background check" and print it out. 3. Send a message to the FB page to set a time for us to meet in person at school or library with our children. Bring the background check, children's birth certificates and your license to verify you are the parent/guardian. No copies will be made. It's just for security and safety reasons. 4. I'll give you the code to join the group here: https://www.babysittingcoop.com/index.php?page=4&tab=3 5. Pay $9/year to use the coopbabysitting.com website. 6. Join the private FB Milpitas Babysitting Coop group. 7. That's it! Just log onto the website to post sits, and babysit in return! 8. Invite your friends/relatives and babysit for each other on the site too. More availabilities makes it easier to find a babysitter. Take less time off from work, have more emergency contacts, go on that date night, clean the house uninterrupted, list goes on and on. Best of all kids get to play with friends. :). Everyone is happy.
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