Strawberry Baskets Needed for Earth Day Project
Tue, Apr 16 1:07pm

Dear Hoover Community,


As part of our upcoming Earth Week celebrations (starting this Friday and continuing through next week), we are embarking on a special planting project that requires your help.


We are in need of more green strawberry/berry baskets, for our Earth Day project. These baskets will play a crucial role helping students carry their plants home.


If you have any spare strawberry baskets at home, we kindly ask you to consider donating them to the school. You can drop them off with Ms. Perla-Adams, Ms. Deggeller, or Ms. Cathy. Alternatively, you can leave them in our designated box in the office.

We kindly ask to receive all baskets by or before Monday, April 22nd.


Thank you in advance for your support and contribution to making our Earth Day celebrations meaningful and impactful for our students!


Warm regards,


Cathy Harkness LeMat, MA


Teacher Librarian 

Hoover Elementary School    

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