Read Now: Club Descriptions
Fri, Aug 25 11:19am

Here is further description of Fall 2023 Clubs.

Please take time to read these now to save you from reading through during Monday registration.


PE Club: 

If your child enjoys PE class, they will love PE club! During PE Club students spend time on fitness/exercise and skill work like throwing, catching, kicking and more. Finishing each lesson with a game that involves that skill of the day!  Taught by our favorite PE teacher, Mr. Armagost.


Makers Club: 

Makers Club is all things creating and making with your hands. Ms. Reineke will lead students in Makers projects, such as necklaces, bracelets, key chains, salt dough/play dough, sculptures, stress balls, etc. We could also make things that they wouldn't take home like with legos, blocks, etc. This is a great hands-on creative FUN learning experience. 


Computer Club:

Computer coding is led by specials teacher Mr. Rinne. He will guide students through Scratch coding which explores gaming development and programming language. This is a fun after-school opportunity to spend more creative time with Scratch and friends.


Percussion & Drum Club: 

Percussion & Drum Club is taught by 23 Strings owner and Pyrtle parent, Mike Yunghans. His background is in music theory and teaches students about rhythm in music with the use of Percussions and Drums. Students will create their own sounds and work together to produce a collaborative music video/song/performance.


Fashion Club: 

Students who love style in clothing will love Fashion Club! We will create a fashion brand by making inspirational mood boards, creating brand logos, and sketches. Pyrtle parent and fashion designer, Jackie Tejeda will teach students drawing techniques to sketch their fashion ideas.


STEM Club: 

STEM is a hands-on exploratory club that focuses on simple projects, such as color dyeing coffee filters, building 3-D structures with marshmallows and toothpicks and seeing who can build the tallest tower with notecards. Students work with Mrs. Monson in this super silly fun science club. 


Drawing Club:

Drawing Club is a creative way to practice your lines and shapes.  Kids will draw new themes each week. They will have a chance to draw the lines and shapes from their artist perspective. Join Ms. Reineke in drawing club!


SEW Club: 

SEW Stuffies Club, led by Pyrtle mom Jackie Tejeda, is great for beginner sewers and kids with LOTS of creativity. Each week, students design an animal, monster or object like emojis, then sew & stuff them into adorable stuffies. Students will learn how to thread a large embroidery needle, tie knots in their thread, and how to make running stitches in fabric.


Dance club:

Dance club is led by our very own, Ms. Mallum.  Mallum has a background in dance, particularly clogging. She appeared on America's Got Talent and won multiple national dance competitions. She teaches at LUXE dance studio here in Lincoln. Join in to learn new dance moves and have fun with your friends.


Art Club:

Art Banner Club is back with our specials teacher, Ms. Hermsen. Art club is creative, fun, and collaborative. Students will work together to create a banner for the LPS district, practice their art techniques, and build teamwork with their fellow Pyrtle friends.



Karate Club: 

Bullying Prevention Karate Club is sponsored by Lincoln Karate Clinic.  This 3-day mini club led by Sensei Scott Walls consists of character education, fun fitness and basic safety (students will have no physical contact with each other, they will only do safe moves and exercises).