Upcoming Sign-Ups

Teacher Appreciation Dinner (Thursday 3/21)

Thu, Mar 21 2:30pm-6:00pm

The PTO provides dinner for teachers as they work through the evening for conferences. Please consider signing up to help out. Items can be dropped off in the office the morning of, or before school lets out.

Monthly Marquee Updater

Mon, Jul 1 8:00am

We update our outdoor marquee message every month.  Please sign up for a spot to help change it.  Information will be provided to you several days in advance.  Thank you!  

Sign-Ups Without Specified Date

Yearbook Coordinators

The Pyrtle Yearbook is made using LifeTouch Yearbook web-based software. Training will be provided.  No prior design experience is necessary and we have very well-documented notes on how to create/man ... [More]

KFOR Summer Fun Ticket Coordinators

Help organize and manage sales and distribution of KFOR Summer Fun Tickets in April/May 2019.