Fri, May 10 5:47pm

Pyrtle Family, 


The PTO gets to put on our Staff Appreciation Week each year to celebrate the amazing educators in our building.  If you and your student have contributed to PTO in the past you helped make this week possible.  THANK YOU!!! 

Thank you to all who made and dropped off cards/notes so every staff could get appreciation bags during our Wednesday treat drop off.  


We heard so many positive remarks and thank you’s all week long.  The Pyrtle staff feels loved and supported by all that you and your students helped pull off this week.  

If you missed it our theme this year was “Around The World” and saw our staff “visiting” differnt locations each day.  

Monday was Hawaii and provided staff with breakfast to start their week off.  

Tuesday was Italy and included a pasta bar with salad. 

Wednesday was a Belgium stop with  flowers, cofffe, snacks and appreciation bags

Thursday was Mexico with a chips/dips bar and N/A Margarittas 

Friday was ‘Welcome Home’ with a visit to their classrooms of the Treat Trolly and a stop at Baggage Claim to get a take home gift.  


The PTO Board would like to give an extra THANKS to those who were able to take a bit of time out of your busy week to help set up, clean up, deliver treats, assist Percy the Panther, and assemble treat bags - Jenna, Kelsey, Tony, Jason, Melissa, Kelani, Jenee, Emily, Terri, Kristi, & Taylor.

We also appreciate the help of some amazing local businesses and would suggest if you ever need their services we'd highly recommend each of them; Bagles & Joe, Doorstep Diner (catering of all sorts), Roastbusters (fun coffee with great music), Taco Inn, Margarita Man, & Gardner Customs (custom gear).


We have a few more PTO things to wrap up the year for our 5th Graders as we send them off (thank you to any 5th Grade Parents who are moving on from Pyrtle, we'll miss you).  We'll also serve breakfast for our Staff on the last day of school.  Thank you for the part you play in making Pyrtle a great school for each of our students and staff.  


Enjoy your weekend, 

The PTO Board!