Reminder: Custom Yearbook Pages
Tue, May 21 4:25pm
Custom pages must be completed by midnight tonight to be included in your child's book. 
You should have just received an email from TreeRing Yearbook Company inviting you to create personal yearbook pages for your child's yearbook. You can sign into your yearbook directly through TreeRing at, and create your pages, or read below for more information.....
Please see the attached flyer from TreeRing, our yearbook company, for additional information on how to add personal pages to your child’s yearbook. These individual pages appear in your child's yearbook only. It's a great way to include events and highlights from the year that are more personal to your child, such as birthday parties, family photos, vacations, etc. Putting together a page is similar to making a shutterfly album and TreeRing makes it easy and user friendly. TreeRing is offering 2 free personalized pages in every book. Additional pages will be at your expense.
Your personalized pages must be completed by
May 21st
No exceptions. No extensions. 
Any school related photos can still be sent to
NOTE: One yearbook per student is prepaid out of your parent dues. If your family desires additional books, you can buy them directly from TreeRing. If you have not paid your dues, please email 

Answers to some FAQs:

- These custom pages are created just for your child's personal yearbook and are individualized for their book. No one else will see these pages. Additional children/students can have their own pages, different from their sibling(s).

-These pages are optional and not a requirement for you to complete. We have already designed a yearbook full of pictures from the events and lives of the students at South School.

- TreeRing offers TWO free custom pages. Additional pages will be at your own cost of $0.99 per page. There is no limit to how many pages you can design.

- An email from TreeRing has already been sent to one parent per household. If you did not receive it (be sure to check your junk or spam folders), please reach out to us ASAP at southtigeryearbook@gmail.comso that we can ensure that your child has a yearbook.

- Note: each student receives their own yearbook that has been prepaid from your South Parent dues. Please pay your dues, if you have not already done so. Additional books for separate households, or relatives, can be purchased at your own cost. 

- Ignore any notes from TreeRing about paying for a yearbook, or the custom page deadline, those do not apply to our school.


Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns at