MULTICULTURAL DAY last announcement.
Tue, Apr 30 5:05pm
Hello MCD Parent Volunteers,
Thank you so much for volunteering for this year's South School Multicultural Day! The big day is arriving this Thursday, May 2nd in the MPR, so we wanted to share important reminders and notes that may help in your preparation.
  • Volunteers donating / lending BOOTH ITEMS
    • Items should be submitted to your classroom or Ms. Rosie Tapia office  by 3pm tomorrow (5/1)
    • Please label personal items with your name so they can be easily returned to you. The booth clean-up volunteers will be returning these items to (one of their) country's classrooms or back to Ms. Rosie
  • Volunteers doing BOOTH SET-UP 
    • Booth set-up is from 3-5pm tomorrow (5/1)
    • Each booth will comprise of a 6" folding table and standing wall divider behind the table 
    • Please bring the box of collected/volunteered items from your classroom(s) to the MPR
    • We will have some office supplies on-hand, but please bring scissors, tape, staplers, etc. that might be helpful for set-up if you can
    • Be sure to leave space on the table for where the food samples/utensils might need to go
  • Volunteers providing FOOD SAMPLES 
    • Fresh food samples should be setup between 8-8:15am on Thursday (5/2)
    • Label items as non-vegetarian vs. vegetarian and provide napkins, utensils that might be needed
    • Note that students across all grades will be visiting the booths (~250 students)
  • Volunteers WORKING THE BOOTH 
    • We will be handing out the sheets to students as they enter the MPR 
    • TK/K/1st graders will be filling out a passport sheet with questions
    • 2nd-5th graders will be solving the crossword 
    • We will ask the teachers to have students bring their pencils with them to the MPR
    • The students will be completing the attached activity sheets while visiting the booths
    • Please confirm with students if they are vegetarian or have any allergies before handing out food samples to them
  • Volunteers working BOOTH CLEAN-UP 
    • Booth clean-up is 1:30-2:30pm on Thursday (5/2)
    • Please collect all personal/borrowed items in a bag/box and return it to your classroom
    • We will try to collect and place into school storage any items that do not need to be returned to owners and can be salvaged for future MCDs
In case helpful to coordinate with others, below is the (as of now) listing of volunteers signed up to work the booth shifts. We will be in the MPR for booth setup and all shifts on Thursday as well in case extra hands are needed.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!
Much appreciated,
Mina (650-678-6036)
Elina (415-269-6540)
  • Booth Set-Up: 
    • TK/K - South Korea: Jin Kang, Alison Rezai
    • 1st - Turkey: Sinem Gültekin, Amanda Schneider
    • 2nd - Taiwan: Emily Chen
    • 3rd - Armenia: Alisa Gaule, Ani Vartanian 
    • 4th Thomson/Young - India: Parul Somani, Jamie Harris 
    • 4th Liang- Romania: Anca Ghnaim
    • 5th Raffo - Mexico: Sara Heston, Mariviv Maghsoudnia
    • 5th Heyvaert - Russia: Nana Kozlova
  • Food Set-Up:
    • TK/K - South Korea: Jin Kang
    • 1st - Turkey: Sinem Gultekin
    • 2nd - Taiwan: Hannah Chang-Fi, Joyce Huynh
    • 3rd - Armenia: Alisa Gaule, Talene Kozanian 
    • 4th Thomson/Young: - India: Sheekha Dewan
    • 4th Liang - Romania: Anca Ghnaim
    • 5th Raffo - Mexico: Sara Heston and Mariviv
    • 5th Heyvaert - Russia: Manana Kozlova, Leyla Senel, Elina Kremer
  • Working the Booth:

              TK/K - South Korea:

  • 8:15am-10am: Ali Rivett and Lauren Wallins
  • 10am-Noon: Alisa Gaule and Allison Javitch
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Anita Lp

               1st - Turkey:

  • 8:15am-10am: Sinem Gültekin and Paige Brennan
  • 10am-Noon: Elina Kremer
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Sinem Gültekin

               2nd - Taiwan:

  • 8:15am-10am: Emily Chen and Jacquelyn Hsu
  • 10am-Noon: Natalie Kao and Laurie Zander
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Danielle Simon and Veronica Katz

               3rd - Armenia:

  • 8:15am-10am: Jason Thompson
  • 10am-Noon: Lauren Wallins and Ani Vartanian
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Alise Gaule and Bessie Seybold

               4th Thomson/Young-India:

  • 8:15am-10am: Charlotte Soja
  • 10am-Noon:  -NO VOLUNTEERS
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Parul Somani and Ash Somani

                4th Liang -Romania:

  • 8:15am-10am: Courtney Bocci and Dorothy Fletcher
  • 10am-Noon: Anca Ghnaim and Dorothy Fletcher
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Anca Ghnaim and Elizabeth Rezvan

                 5th Raffo - Mexico: 

  • 8:15am-10am: Danielle Simon
  • 10am-Noon: -NO VOLUNTEERS
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Sharon Wong and Morvarid Ciccolella

                  5th Heyvaert - Russia:

  • 8:15am-10am: Nana Kozlova
  • 10am-Noon: Laura Miller
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm: Kerry Adams
  • Booth Clean-Up: 
    • TK/K - South Korea: NO VOLUNTEERS
    • 1st - Turkey: Sinem Gültekin and Paige Brennan
    • 2nd - Taiwan: Mamie Gupta
    • 3rd - Armenia: Alise Gaule and Nipola Shah
    • 4th Thomson/Young - India: Jessica Tang
    • 4th Liang - Romania: John Noell
    • 5th Raffo - Mexico: NO VOLUNTEERS
    • 5th Heyvaert - Russia: Kerry Adams


Thank you everyone for your hard work and we will see you tomorrow and on Thursday

Elina Kremer & Mina Fisher