Wednesday Parent/Caregiver Workshop
Mon, Feb 5 9:25am
I hope you can come to the Crocker Library on Wednesday, February 7, from 7-8 pm, to a parent/caregiver workshop hosted by HCSD and RISE! 
It's designed to help us raise our kids as confident, knowledgeable self-advocates. 
I am excited about the presenter, Sam Drazin, of Changing Perspectives. Once a classroom teacher, he now presents workshops for students, educators, and families. (He is presenting to HCSD educators this year, too!)  Parent-friends in other districts have told me that this workshop gave them useful insights and tools borne out of research, but also out of personal experience: Sam has a congenital disorder that resulted in a facial anomaly and hearing loss. I think his message will resonate for us caregivers of kids who have IEPs, 504s, or differences that can feel like hurdles in school and life. Come to this event without your kids. We'll bring home strategies to help them identify, articulate, and learn from their strengths and challenges.