Mega Party for Bubble Run
Fri, Nov 30 1:05pm-2:55pm
de Portola Elementary - grass field
1 day before

All students who earned at least one point during the Bubble Run are eligible to attend the Mega Party on Friday, November 30 from 1:10-2:40.  Please note that Friday is a minimum day and the party will take place immediately after school on the grass field behind the school.  Parents are welcome but not required to attend the party.  Please make sure your children are picked up no later than 2:40.


There will be inflatable slides, games, and lots of prizes!  During the party, two of our students (Hudson Donnelly and Jayden Balaam) will have the opportunity to grab as much money as they can in the Cyclone of Cash!  


In addition to the students who earned a point during the Bubble Run, all Patriot Club members are invited to attend.  At the entrance to the party, we will have a list of eligible students (Patriot Club members and students who earned at least one point). Tickets are not required.



The PTA would like to sincerely thank all the students, teachers, and parents who made the Bubble Run such a success this year!  We'd also like to congratulate Ms. Mezak's class for raising the most money for de Portola!  If you are able to help out at the Mega Party, please sign up below.


Help with inflatable slides, prizes, clean-up, etc. Signed Up: 2 / 6

Fri, Nov 30 1:05pm-2:55pm
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