Host an International Student this Summer!
I wanted to share some information regarding an exciting opportunity to host international students this summer! Last year my son Wyatt and I had the pleasure of hosting several students through a homestay program, the D'Angon Academy for Language Acquisition. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for both of us. We learned a lot about different cultures, as well as about ourselves. I wouldn't trade our experience for anything! We now have friends and penpals in China, Japan, Vietnam, and Russia. The director of the school is a personal friend of mine, and this year I am helping to coordinate homestays for the summer program that runs July 1st through August 19th. We are currently accepting applications from local families that are interested in this opportunity. Host families are responsible for providing a safe and loving home, breakfast, dinner, and transportation to and from day camp. Students attend camp all day Monday through Saturday at Montessori on the Lake in Mission Viejo. Sunday is reserved as a family day for you to spend time with your student(s). Each student must have their own bed but may share a room with a child of the same gender. Trundle-beds, air mattresses, or similar is acceptable since the students are temporary visitors. All students come with their own spending money, and homestay families receive a daily stipend of $40 per student per day. For example, if you were to host a pair of students for three weeks, the compensation would be $1,680. As of 4/27/18, the following students are pending placement with homestay families: Linda, F, Age 13, Hungary, 7/2/18-7/15/18 XiaoTian, M, Age 6, China, 7/2/18-8/19/18 Daniel, M, Age 12, Brazil, 7/2/18-7/29/18 Mia, F, Age 14, Japan, 8/6/18-8/12/18 Rito, M, Age 10, Japan, 8/6/18-8/12/18 Anju, F, Age 9, Japan, 8/1/18-8/12/18 Natsuki, F, Age 6, Japan, 8/1/18-8/12/18 Lucas, M, Age 12, Colombia, 7/9/18-7/13/18 (M-F only) Matilde, F, Age 9, Colombia, 7/9/18-7/13/18 (M-F only) Yihau, M, Age 9, China, 7/16/18-7/29/18 I hope you will consider opening your home and hearts to one or more of these amazing kids! Feel free to also pass this message on to friends and family that may be interested. If you have any questions about the program or the kids, please don't hesitate to call my cell phone at 949-280-2915. This is how we make the world a better place... Thank you, Deborah Diesel (Wyatt's mom)
(Max: 60)